Registration for Virtual Ceremonies

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED to participate in the University-wide virtual ceremony and virtual school receptions. Registration is required so that graduates can provide updated information that is necessary for planning purposes. It is very important that graduates register before registration closes. Late registrations will not be accepted.

Each school had a specific date and time assigned for them to BEGIN registration. Graduates were able to register any time between registration opening and the closing deadline. Registration was open until 5 p.m. PDT on May 6.

registration is closed

Online registration opened at the following times by school:

Wednesday, April 22:
9 a.m. Graduate Hooding, Business
10 a.m. Social Sciences
1 p.m. Social Ecology
2 p.m. College of Health Sciences: Medicine, Nursing, Pharm Sci, Public Health

Thursday, April 23:
9 a.m. Biological Sciences, Humanities
10 a.m. ICS
1 p.m. Engineering
2 p.m. Arts, Education, Physical Sciences

All registration closed at 5 p.m. PDT on May 6.


Undergraduates: You must have already submitted a grad app and be cleared to graduate by your academic counselor to be able to participate in the ceremony.
Graduate students: You must have advanced to candidacy to be able to participate in the ceremony. 

For questions about eligibility, please contact an academic counselor or advisor.

Graduate students:
Undergraduate students: 

If you need help during the registration process,  please email