Frequently Asked Questions
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What is a virtual commencement celebration?

The University-wide Virtual Ceremony and Virtual School Receptions will be a time for graduates, their friends and families, faculty and staff to gather online to celebrate the graduates. This is not meant to be a replacement for the traditional format commencement ceremonies. It is a celebration and gathering in the meantime, until we can unite at a later time. 

The celebration will include the official conferral of degrees, special speakers, deans’ remarks, graduate acknowledgement and other celebratory moments.

Graduates must register to be included in the celebration. Graduates that register to participate before the deadline will receive a celebration box.

What will be in the celebration box?

Graduates* that register to participate before the deadline will receive a Celebration Box. The celebration box will include a cap, tassel, sign and license plate frame. 

*Unfortunately, we are unable to process and ship celebration boxes to graduates currently residing outside the U.S.
When will the virtual celebration be?
We will have a university-wide virtual ceremony, including the conferral of degrees, on Saturday, June 13 at 10 a.m. PDT. Immediately following the university-wide commencement ceremony, each school will have virtual receptions for graduates, their friends and family.
Do we need to sign up?

Graduates MUST register to be included in the virtual celebration and to receive a Celebration Box. Registration is required so that graduates can provide updated information that is necessary for planning purposes. It is very important that graduates register before registration closes. Late registrations will not be accepted.

Each school has a specific date and time assigned for them to BEGIN registration. Graduates can register any time between registration opening and the closing deadline. Registration is open until 5 p.m. PDT on May 6.

Undergraduates need to make sure they have applied to graduate. Please check in with your academic counselor regarding your eligibility. 

Masters and Doctoral candidates must be marked as advanced to candidacy. Please check in with your academic advisor to check eligibility.
Do I need any special equipment to participate?

Graduates and guests will need access to a computer or device with internet connection.

How do graduates register?

Registration dates and times are assigned by school starting April 22 and April 22. Registration closes May 6.

Graduates will need to go to the registration page on the commencement website to register.

Is there a cost to particpate?
There is no cost to participate. However, registration is required.
Who do I contact if I encounter an error during the registration process?
Graduates can email if they encounter an issue registering. Please use your UCI email address and include your student id number in the email.
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Can I still purchase a gown?

Graduates may purchase their gowns online through the UCI Alumni Association »

Cap and Tassels will be included in the Celebration Box.

Additional information to be added soon.

Do I have to purchase a gown?

Regalia is not necessary for the virtual celebration in June.  A cap and tassel will be mailed to all graduates who register on time to participate in the virtual ceremony. Gowns can be purchased for photo opportunities, as a keepsake, or to have ahead of time for the in-person ceremony in December or June 2021.

Appropriate regalia (including gown) is required to walk if you plan to participate in a future ceremony. Purchase your gown and other items through the UCI Alumni Association. The information will be updated when available. Formal Business Masters Regalia will be available later for rent for the in-person ceremony.

Sashes and stoles: UCI graduation sashes and stoles representing UCI organizations or proclaiming a vocational aspiration may be worn with cap and gown. Wearing multiple stoles is permitted. These items can be purchased through the Hill.

Will gowns be available for pick up at the Newkirk Alumni Center?
No. All items will be available to purchase online and shipped to the mailing location of your choice.
Can I decorate my cap?
Caps can be decorated.
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If I don’t participate in the virtual commencement, am I still graduating?
Yes, you do not need to participate in the virtual commencement in order to graduate. As long as you are meeting degree requirements, you will still receive your diploma.
How do I change my name for my diploma?
If your diploma name needs to be changed, please contact the University Registrar. You may submit a Request for Name Change to ask that your name be changed on university records. The form is also available at the University Registrar’s office. All diplomas will reflect the exact name on your student records. 
Where is my minor shown?
Minors are NOT noted on diplomas. Minors are posted to a student's transcript.
When will I get my diploma?
Diplomas are typically available three months after the end of the quarter in which the student graduated.
When will my degree appear on my transcript?
Degrees are noted on official transcripts approximately six to seven weeks after the end of the quarter in which they are awarded.
I'm ordering a diploma frame. What size is the diploma?
The diploma is 8 1/2 x 11 inches.
Digital Commencement Program: list of graduates
Students who earn their degrees in Summer Session, Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters, and the following Summer Session are eligible to have their name and major included in the online Commencement Program.
How can I request that my name be omitted from the digital program?
Students wishing to opt out of being listed in the digital program should do so in early May by emailing the University Registrar at
Degrees and Diplomas

Deans are responsible for certifying that students have met GPA, unit, residence, breadth, university, minor, school and major requirements. Awarding a degree signifies completion of coursework on or by the degree certification deadline. Transcripts of work taken at other institutions must be received by the university and posted to the academic record by the deadline. Any necessary last-minute grade changes and/or post-quarter add/drop/changes must be processed by the deadline or accompany the degree certification list.

When UCI course work is completed after the deadline or credit is given for course work completed elsewhere after the degree certification deadline, the degree should be award for the following quarter.

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Where can I purchase a stole, diploma cover and other items?

UCI’s bookstore, The Hill, has items available for purchase online.

Is the virtual commencement ceremony mandatory?
Participation in the virtual celebration is optional.
If I participate in June’s virtual commencement, can I still participate in December’s in-person commencement?
Yes, if you participate in June’s virtual commencement, you are allowed to participate and walk in a December ceremony if you meet your degree requirements.
My family has already made travel plans. Can they still come to Irvine for Commencement Weekend?
There will not be a ceremony on campus in June 2020. Travel to California is not advised at this time. Most airlines and hotels are offering refunds or credits due to the current circumstances. Please check with your airline, hotel or travel provider for refund information.
Can the Commencement Office provide information about a graduate?
The Commencement Office cannot provide information about individual student graduates or their registration status to anyone besides the graduates themselves.
I am finishing my coursework in Fall 2020. Can I participate?

Undergraduate students who have completed their course work in Summer ’19, Fall ’19, Winter ’20, Spring ’20, or will complete their coursework in Summer ’20 are eligible to participate in the 2020 ceremonies. Fall graduates would not be eligible until June 2021.

Graduate students receiving their Master’s or Ph.D. may be able to participate if they plan to complete their degree before or during Fall ’20.

Please check with your academic counselor or advisor to determine if you are eligible.